Best Worst Movie has heart…is hilarious, but it’s also a little sad… it’s tough to see that not everyone gets a happy ending.”

Whitney Matheson, USA TODAY

Strangely moving… insightful… consistently funny and smart about celebrity, vanity and bad movies – and what makes them lovable.”

John Anderson, Variety


Clark Collis, Entertainment Weekly

Hilarious and sad… priceless.

Zachary Kanin, The New Yorker

Like Man on Wire, Best Worst Movie is that rarest of documentaries which will entertain, and delight, practically everybody on earth.

Gerald Peary, film critic, The Boston Phoenix

Extremely entertaining.

Eric Vespe, Aint It Cool News

A hilarious and a poignant celebration… focuses on the human trail that films leave in their wake. Highly recommended!

Scott Macaulay, Filmmaker Magazine

A raging success… Infectiously fun, energetic, and crazily enthusiastic.

Leonard Pierce, The Onion A.V. Club

The next King of Kong!

Alex Albrecht, Totally Rad Show

Fantastic and sweet.

Daniel Carlson, The Hollywood Reporter

… smoothly engaging… a fantastic job of dissecting all the lunacy…  about the fleeting nature of fame, the fickle nature of filmmaking, and the undeniable appeal of simply being LIKED

Scott Weinberg, FEARnet

A true success on so many facets… a sharp contrast between the lines of fame and infamy.

Erik Childress,

Insane, funny and engaging.

Eric Snider,

Engaging, touching, honest… reveals the human heart that beats beneath even the lowliest movies.

Rodney Perkins,

Incredibly entertaining and endearing.

Alex Riviello,

Everything you could want in a movie… One of the most incredible, heartwarming, sad, beautiful, hilarious, wonderful films I ‘ve ever seen in my life.

Jeff Cannata, Totally Rad Show

Surprising depth… strikingly honest and emotional. Highly recommended.

Eric Newell,

One of the best edited movies I’ve ever seen.  I think you could teach a class on editing using this movie.

Dan Trachtenberg, Totally Rad Show

Stunning and profound…stands on its own as one of the finest documentaries I’ve ever seen. It’s fun, poignant and a must see.

Adam Sweeney, Film School Rejects

Effortlessly interesting…not all butterflies and bliss… heartbreaking

William Goss, Cinematical

Balancing of humor and seriousness… Best Worst Movie is one of the biggest surprises to come along in a long while and offers a compelling look into the movie business like nothing else before it…one of the best documentaries about film ever made.”

One of the best documentaries of 2009… differing and fascinating levels of obscurity, normalcy, and dysfunction… gets us back in touch with what it means to love movies, to make them, and to have our lives changed by them for better, and sometimes Worst.”

Hunter Stephenson, /FILM

“…simply astounding…one of the best documentaries of 2009…”

Chase Whale, Gordon and the Whale

Best Worst Movie Trailer
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