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Ain’t It Cool News

aicn_logoAin’t It Cool News is perhaps the largest and most popular source for gathering on the internet to share spoilers and complain about movies, which is what we do best! Great news, reviews, features, and interviews.


slashfilm_logo/Film brings you a truly staggering array of daily news bits from the world of film, television, comics, sci-fi, and general nerdity. If you’re reading this, then chances are /Film is the website you’ve been dreaming of.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

alamo1Named by Entertainment Weekly as the Best Theater in America and the uber-geeks at Ain’t It Cool News might as well be paying rent there, The Drafthouse offers a truly unique movie-going experience, specializing in oddball repertory events that make it “movie-geek heaven.” Located in downtown Austin, The Alamo Drafthouse serves up heaping portions of fresh 1000% movie madness along with a mouth-watering food and drink menu.


fear1FEARnet is a cutting edge network that brings horror fans uninterrupted FEAR 24/7 wherever and whenever they want.

Gordon and The Whale

gordonGordon and the Whale is three film nerds who love to see and talk about films. They write movie reviews, give you news, and do video interviews with some cool people.

The Totally Rad Show

radThe Totally Rad Show is the summer blockbuster of geek news shows. Every week, they rip into the world of movies, video games, tv, comics, and more and pull out what’s rad.


cinematical1Cinematical works hard to give you news and reviews of the best — and worst — the silver screen has to offer. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also run by a bunch of great people.

Mondo Tees

mondo Eyeball-popping art, shirts, posters that will leaving you salivating and beautiful gems of nerdery that will make you smile so wide your face rips open.


Goblin Mask 1Goblin Mask 2


Goblin In Disguise WallpaperNilbog Milk WallpaperYou Can't Piss WallpaperTroll 2 Wallpaper

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